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About us:
For everyone, security of the place in which lives is a real concern; actually in order to relax and to feel comfortable during night and day, you should trust your locks utilized in your house doors; obviously to achieve such a goal, you should consider the quality of the locks when selecting for your house.
There is no doubt about the key role of the cylinders used in locks; in the other words, cylinder is the lock heart, so its quality on all aspects like design, material, resistance and etc. shall be considered when fabricating.
We, Hamidanpour techno-engineering company, with more than 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing of lock cylinders, has been active in Iran market and supplied the required cylinders to Iranian lock manufacturers; in parallel, newly we have completed our product line to manufacture the whole lock in addition to the cylinders and presented to market in the name of “Monir Sanat”.   
As mentioned above, nowadays safety is considered in the first priorities of the customers when buying; for this purpose, we have made some preparations as follows:
1-    Two ferrous belts in order the cylinder to be more resistant against fraction
2-    Three pins in the front of the cylinder to be more resistant against drilling
3-    We have increased the steel pins number to 10 to be more safe
4-    Our cylinders are all made of brass MS58 which is one of the most resistant alloys
Our factory with total area of 2000 Square meter is located near the Capital “Tehran”; also we have about 40 workers who are working under supervision of the technical manager and supervisors.
We really believe, in order to achieve the customer’s satisfaction, two main principals shall be considered: Honesty and Quality; obviously, none of them makes sense without another one; thus we have been always trying our utmost to be obliged to both of them in parallel.
Finally, we would like to thank your attention and sincerely say that we really need your instructive reviews and are very optimistic about the future having lovely friends like you…….

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